About Us

TechieKhoz is an initiative of Sumasamu IT Services (P) Limited, founded in 2013. Techiekhoz is specialized in IT recruitment and talent supply chain with focus on quality. We have a strong network of more than 100 IT professional having 6-15 years of IT industry experience in development/testing/delivery and management.

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Our Core Talent Acquisition Team

Sonali Malik

Kalpna Farswan

Love Dogra


Anubhav Jaryal

Heena Grover Sachdeva

Why us

IT recruitment Specialist

We are a team of experienced professionals from Software industry and our focus is only IT companies. With our vast experience in IT industry, our team knows in and out of IT company’s requirements.

Pool of Technically assessed software professionals

We maintain the pool of only those candidates whom our team has evaluated and found fit. So we’ll have pool of premium talent only. For any requirement, first we search that our private database of candidates.

Filtering unsuitable candidates

Our team has vast experience in recruiting professional, right from campus level to middle level and senior level. To cut the effort and time spent in evaluating the unsuitable candidates is one of our main objectives.

High selection ratio

Our target is to refer minimal candidates to IT companies so that at least 50% candidates, referred by us get selected in the company. This can save more than 60% effort of the recruitment panel of the company.

Technical training

We arrange training by our experts from IT industry, for the professionals and software engineers.

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