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We deliver what we commit and commit what we deliver.
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Selection and Technical Assessment

“Half the problem is solved, if you understand it well“. Strong technical expertise is one of our core strength as we understand IT requirements bit by bit.
We ensure that best practices for IT industry recruitment is followed in evaluating candidates as per organization’s requirement. We follow below process in assessment,
We first understand and analyze the organization’s requirement through a meeting with client. This gives us an opportunity to understand requirements in a best possible way.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), is a business relation formed due to the result of the company’s trust on his recruitment partner to manage its recruitment. We are committed to this trust.
We assist IT companies with end to end recruitment planning and process. We have a comprehensive process of RPO that we follow with our clients.
This starts from meeting with management to understand current and future talent need of company. We do analysis of positions that must be filled and in what time frame. Create customized recruitment process as per client need.

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Corporate Training

We offer learning and development solutions – empowering people to get breakthroughs in their performance. We are committed to deliver training on cutting edge technologies for corporate employees. The network of our technical expertise gives us the unmatched edge that clients need.
We develop customized training modules as per our client requirements for all technologies. We conduct and deliver the training to IT corporate. We do an assessment and evaluation post training and share feedback with our clients.

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Third Party Payroll

We offer third party Payroll Services to our privileged clients.

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